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BEST way to unwind is watching this cat unwind! ... more
WEIRDEST ride ever! No need to rush man, one step ... more
#100happydays #schokobananen #eis # ... more
most psychedelic coming-own exercise ever. keep ... more
most relaxed cat ever! we wanna swap places! more
califoreign: most inviting dip ever Can you feel ... more
Exotic Through and Through It’s said that there was once a brilliant parrot who returned to Casali Island from his travels with a chest full of ... more
“Hang Loose” at Coconut Bay Coolness reigns in the southeast of Casali Island between Chocolate Fruit Laguna and Rum Coconut Beach. Smooth Jack ... more
Gebrannte Aschanti
A Treat for the Senses The intoxicating scent of caramel and love fills the air in Aschanti Grove. No one knows if it’s actually true, but it’s said ... more
Strawberries All Year Long Wonderfully juicy chocolate strawberries flourish in a green beach paradise just a stone’s throw from Chocolate Fruit ... more
Schoko-Bananen Monkeys
Schoko-Bananen Monkeys
Monkeys on the Loose “Oo oo oo ah ah ah!” You can hear the mischievous Chocolate Banana Monkeys making a racket from far off. Every day’s a wild ... more
Minty Treats in the Island Jungle Mini Mint Gulf is located deep in the green heart of Casali Island. Following an exciting exploration through the ... more
But why is the rum gone?! Sorry Captain. We don’t ... more
surprises When your roommate ate the last bunch ... more
random feelings When your crush finally tells you ... more